Get Involved

Please join us on our journey to positively impact our communities and inspire youth to embrace the spirit of lifelong service. We would be honored to have your support - below are a few ways you can get involved.


The generous support of individual and corporate citizens allows us to focus our efforts on positively impacting communities. We would love your consideration for a financial donation. 30 Days of Service is a tax-exempt organization as allowed by the IRS. Please reach out to to donate.


Looking for a hands on way to support 30 Days of Service? Come volunteer with us as we restore a local park, provide a sundae bar to hardworking school teachers, or host a play day at a children's hospital. To get more information, please email us at

Share 30 Days with Someone

Do you know someone who would love to learn more about or even support 30 Days of Service? Does your employer support local non-profits? If so, please contact so that we can provide information and explore possible opportunities for collaboration.

Serve in Your Community

Regardless of your age, location, race, or background, we can all serve our communities. One of our main goals for starting 30 Days of Service was to restore pride in being a community servant. By clicking this link you can find a variety of ways you can serve in your community! Happy Serving.